“Bakit maraming nakaka-relate sa That Thing Called Tadhana?”

According to a study* made last year about relationships, both men and women, on the average, will experience two serious relationships (a year or more), two falling in love, and two heart breaks (obviously, all three variables are related) before finding The One.

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That Thing Called Tadhana

That Thing Called Tadhana: Ang pelikula tungkol sa pag-ibig, pag-asa, at mga paasa (?).


With this study, it seems that the movie That Thing Called Tadhana has plenty of target audience who can very well relate to the movie instantly. Its opening lines say it all: “Para sa mga umibig, nasaktan, ngunit umibig pa rin.”

Chance encounter? Or tadhana?

Chance encounter? Or tadhana?

Who have not yet experienced heartaches? The outliers, those who found love at first try.

Who are the main characters in the movie? Two broken-hearted souls who chanced upon each other at an airport in Rome. The opening scenes gives broken-hearted movie watchers hope of finding new love after a heartache.

Who is the antagonist in the movie? The past. The painful past. The movie revolves mainly around Mace and Anthony’s discussion about their exes. Which is why one of the most important question in the movie came from Mace:

“Paano ba makalimot?”

Panahon ba? Maaari. Mga kaibigan? Pwede. Ibang pagkakaabalahan? Siguro. Ibang mamahalin? Pwede, kapag hindi rebound. Ibang magmamahal? Sana, kaya lang dapat mahal mo rin.

What was Anthony’s main reply?

“Pwede ka ring makahanap ng new love”

Then they look at each other. This is then when Anthony delivered the quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald: “There are all kinds of love in this world. But never the same love twice.”

This quote was one of the most memorable lines in the movie (said twice or thrice). However, there are a few more lines that others could also relate. (Listed in order of “appearance”.)

1. You know, tatanga-tanga.

Three more quotes: “Love is blind.- Shakespeare, in Merchant of Venice. ” “The heart has its reasons for which reason knows nothing.” – French mathematician Blaise Pascal. “Wala namang nagbibilang kung ilang beses kang nagpakatanga diba?” – Jennylyn Mercado’s Tere Madlansacay in English Only Please. Kung hindi ka pa naging tanga, malamang hindi ka pa umibig.

Tere Madlansacay in English Only Please

Tere Madlansacay in English Only Please

2. “Mabigat talaga yan. Kasi dala ko buong buhay ko dito.” – Mace

Sometimes, we still carry heavy memories of our exes and our past together. Kaya mahirap mag-move on. Kasi mabigat.

Life in a luggage?

Life in a luggage?

3. “Hindi tayo parehas eh.” – Mace

Kalimitang sagot ng nililigawan mo. Pwedeng totoo. Pwedeng tini-test ka lang nya. Pero hindi ibig sabihin na pakipot sya. Anyways, no two individuals are exactly alike. And besides, compatibility is not the main reason for being together.

4.“Buong buhay talaga dinala mo. Ma-eexcess ka talaga nyan” – Anthony

Life will be lighter if we have someone to help us carry its burden. That someone should have extra baggage allowance to accommodate your excesses. That someone should have space for you. Hindi yung pagsisiksikan mo sarili mo sa taong hindi maglalaan ng puwang para sayo.

Sharing the load.

Sharing the load.

5. “Alam mo, ako minsan hindi na ako natutuwa sa mga punchlines mo.” – Mace

There will come a time when you will run out of jokes. Relationship, just like education, is a never-ending learning process. So research pa.

6. “…na dapat meron akong tinitira para sa sarili ko. Para meron pa akong babalikan. Akala ko kasi kailangan ko sila. Peron hindi naman pala. Akala ko lang pala yun.” – Mace

Para sa mga nagmahal nang buong-buo at nasaktan. Tagos.

7. “Maghihiwalay din kayo.” – Mace

Para sa mga bitter.

8. “Kung kayo, kayo talaga. Kung kayo, babalik sya sayo.” – Mace

Para sa mga naghihintay. Para sa mga umaasa.

Close na sila dito.

Close na sila dito.


9. “Para sa akin, kung mahal mo, habulin mo.” – Mace

Again, from Jennylyn Mercado: “Wala namang nagbibilang kung ilang beses kang nagpakatanga diba?” At sabi nga ni Alfred Lord Tennyson: “‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

10. “Sorry, mahal ko eh.” – Mace

Excuse ng mga tanga. Or,  nasaktan lang.

11. “Anong nangyari?” – Mace

Tanong nga mga iniwan.

12. “Hindi ka na nya mahal. Yun na yun. Ano bang hindi malinaw dun?” – Anthony

Sagot kung bakit ka iniwan.

13. “Kung sinabi ba nya sayo kung bakit, may magbabago ba? Bottomline, hindi ka na nya mahal.” – Anthony

Ang masakit na katotohanan.

14. “Where do broken hearts go?” – sung in the movie by Mace and Anthony


In each other’s arms?


Rome? Manila?  Baguio? Sagada? I guess, all of the above. Anywhere. As long as it’s beside someone who could be your new love. Just like what Mace and Anthony did.

15. (to be continued…)

This is it for now. This is just 1/4 of the movie. Stay tuned.


Sila ba?

Sila na ba? Mahirap mag-assume.

* A study commissioned to mark the paperback release of the international bestseller The Rosie Project – a tale of one man’s quest to find his perfect wife.


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