Why the movie Just The 3 Of Us is for Mother’s Day

(Note: This post is dedicated to all mothers out there, who silently makes the world a better place to live in, especially to my mother, Aida; my late lola, Yna (see blog post about her: http://tinyurl.com/h7p6s64); my numerous aunts; my officemate mothers in the workplace — Kaye Mata, Gay, Bimbim, Treesha, Nelli, etc.; and to the housewives who had let go of their dreams so that they could guide their children to theirs. We salute you.)

In the final push to make something out of this rollercoaster season, Real Madrid should hire Cathy Garcia-Molina. She can make Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale appear to like each other.


The world’s most expensive and second most expensive footballer: Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo

In the movie Just The 3 of Us (JT3OU), Molina will make us believe that Uno (John Lloyd Cruz) and CJ (Jennylyn Mercado) have genuine sparks flying over them before the final credits.

John Lloyd Cruz and Cathy Garcia Molina 2.jpg

Cathy Garcia-Molina with John Lloyd Cruz and Jennylyn Mercado

But apart from making indifferent characters like each other, Molina can also make a rom-com movie appear as a Mother’s Day movie.

Did she do it on purpose, especially that the movie opened before the weekend of Mother’s Day? Or was it just coincidence?

Whatever the case, the director of numerous blockbuster hits (A Second Chance, She’s Dating the Gangster, It Takes a Man and a Woman, UnOfficialy Yours, My Amnesia Girl, You Changed my Live, A Very Special Love, One More Chance, Milan, etc.) delivered another masterclass from an unexpected pairing.

Just the 3 of Us Poster.jpg

Who’s the 3rd character?

Here is my main takeaway from the movie: The most important supporting roles happen to belong to the two that did not appear in the movie.

John Lloyd’s Uno is a driven and ambitious character with a mysterious past who will stop at nothing to fulfill his dream of becoming a pilot (to a certain extent, the ambition is influenced by his need to confront his past) while Jennylyn’s CJ is a quirky airport terminal ground crew personnel, who will stop at nothing to provide for her family (she had a crush on Uno which explains her flirtatious advances on Uno on that one occasion when the aspiring pilot was within her reach).

Uno and CJ met at an unexpected circumstance and had to stay with each other due to an unexpected (?) result of their one night of folly – a child on the way.

Although the movie never had the chance to show the baby, he (?) was an integral part of the storyline. He was the reason why CJ had to swallow his price to pursue Uno. He was the reason why Uno brought CJ to his place (when no one ever made a visit to his place). And he was the reason why Uno and CJ had to endure each other’s weird personalities until they find out who the real father is (Uno had doubts if the baby is really his; if CJ made advances on him, Uno thinks she does it on others as well).

The baby is the raison d’etre for the movie in the first place.

And non-existent character that is very integral in the movie was Uno’s mother. Her non-existence (not even a picture was shown) provides an explanation as to Uno’s behavior and his relentless pursuit in becoming a pilot. It’s remarkable how Uno love her mother so much even if he did not spend a single day with her.

So why is Just The 3 Of Us a Mother’s Day movie?

  1. CJ – A mother would do everything for the sake of her child, even at the expense of being shunned by her supportive family, even at the expense of living in an abject condition, even at the expense of living with an abject person. She could have taken the easy way out by aborting the baby, but it never entered her mind. It was non-negotiable. The baby is hers and she wants to make sure that baby will be provided for whatever it takes.
  2. Uno’s mother – Nothing is shown about Uno’s mother, only that she died while giving birth to Uno and that the nurse took care of her son afterwards (the picture at the dining table?). Based on the revelation of Uno’s father (RY), we can surmise that Uno’s mother was around 15 years old when she gave birth. That’s a very young age to have a child. We can also surmise that Uno’s grandparents did not approve (or his mother was an orphan with no family?) of the relationship that why Uno was left to the care of strangers. In any case, Uno’s mother was a brave lady who defied obstacles just to bring Uno to this world.

Whether or not Cathy Garcia-Molina intentionally made JT3OU as a film with Mother’s Day in mind, we’re not so sure. What we are sure of is that JT3OU is a film most mothers can relate to. It is not just rom-com flick where guy meets girl and they fall in love. It a showcase of how mothers are willing to risk everything, even their own lives and family rejection, just to give the best to their children.

So also for the sake of Real Madrid’s season, Zinedine Zidane and Florentino Perez should consider hiring Molina. She might be the key to provide the spark for Ronaldo and Bale’s chemistry to click.

She did superbly it to Cruz and Mercado (and possibly whoever Star Cinema and GMA bring to the table). It’s time we give her the world’s most expensive tandem.


Happier times. Bale and Ronaldo.


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