The Day We Won the Adobo Cup Plate Trophy


No words could adequately describe what we felt last night. Elated? Surprised? Overwhelmed?

Probably, more than that.

Team A – Adobo Cup 2016 Plate CHAMPIONS
Team B – Adobo Cup 2016 Pandikdik Finalist (had it not been for a late goal conceded in the dying minutes of Extra Time, read: Extra Time, the game could have gone into a penalty shootout where we have better chances)

Our “achievement” may not mean much to many, but for us, it’s something that we can be proud of.

For starters, as far as I can remember, the team got assembled only four years ago (Rissa and I are the only remnants from that team) to prepare for the Adobo Cup and the rumored football event in MVPO. And year on year, the team have different sets of players. On paper, the previous versions of the team are stronger than this current one (only that we always have opponents who wanted MORE the trophies than us). But this time, the heavens smiled on us and gave us the breaks when we needed them most.

So for our “achievement” and the fun moments that we will keep for so long in our memories (except misses on some clear goal scoring opportunities), we would are forever grateful to the following:

Our HR management and staff, especially Ms. Jenn and Ms. Alpha, who facilitated our preparation (request for budget), and game-day participation. Without them, we might not even have a team to represent the company or comply with the new requirements of the Adobo Cup. We were able to practice in a well-run training facility and with coaches to direct our plays; we were taken cared of with regard to our game-day refreshments and tranpo needs; and a BIG BONUS that we were given new and AWESOME uniforms on game day. It’s the type of uniform that we are proud of wearing and that carries a sentimental value.

Dino Deeknoe Dizon, the graphic artist of the team who, in the background, did all the artwork requirements of the Adobo Cup (team crest, streamer, etc.). Plus, the stunning chevron uniform. It’s really different when a footballer makes the design of a football uniform. He knows the needed elements in a football kit.

The Adobo Cup organizers. Well, we could not thank you enough for the tournament. Big shout out to Bixie Reyes and Janelle Barretto Squires. It’s one thing to organize a football tournament, it’s another thing to make the tournament into one of the most fun-filled, festival-like, well-sponsored football event. No wonder footballers who work in ad agencies and media companies are the envy of many. We hope and pray that you don’t get tired in organizing the Adobo Cup. This event, aside from the football, provides the opportunity for people in the industry and the local football scene to get acquainted or be reunited with one another. Personally, it was nice seeing old/familiar faces Jake Morales, Michael Reyes, Miguel Mercado, Kim David(best striker!), Ron Poblete, JP Bautista, Ryan Ermita Tabag, Io Mendoza,Josemari Garcia, etc.

To our draftees Ashley Kia and GoyingEchavaradyes Diamante, you’ve definitely raised our level of play. Without you two, it would be difficult for the team to keep up with our opponents especially that they keep improving every year. Hope we get you again next year; else, it would be almost impossible to defend our title if without you two.

And for our family and friends who supported/allowed us to pursue this passion/new hobby. We can now all say that it was all worth the hassle. Thanks to those who went to see the games. It’s nice playing knowing that there are some who are rooting for you to win. It gives you an added spring in your legs and that spark in your heart (PUSO?) to fight for every possession. And to those who prayed for us, big thanks also. Personally, I believe that prayer is very effective, not in getting what we want but in accepting the fact that our Lord knows better. I was wondering why we lose our first game, but in the end, I think I happened because God has better plans for us. Even if it’s just a single person who is also praying with the same intention (Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”), it’s still very effective. I just asked prayers from one person and look what happened. 🙂

So why do we go through all the hassle for just this one-day football event?

To borrow the words of the Adobo Cup commissioner Bixie Reyes: FOR THE LOVE OF FOOTBALL. FTLOF.

It’s a passion that not many will understand unless they’ve experienced the game. But it’s a passion that’s worth pursuing and waiting for it to become relevant in our lives.

Luckily, our wait is over. So what did we feel last night?

PURE JOY, I guess.

(See some of the photos taken by the team and the organizers 🙂




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